The three projects below are exercises in food and beverage packaging based on actual client briefs and their specifications from all around the world. Each client wanted their products to have a high-end design that would appeal to the upper-class demographic, while completed within an accelerated timeline. These are only product mockups—my designs are not directly affiliated with the corresponding brands.

For My Friends Products

The For My Friends brand is an up-and-coming online retailer based in Italy, that specializes in food and beverage that can be gifted to loved ones. They currently offer 3 products: Olive Oil, Amaro Elixer, and Espresso. They were inspired by bold, monochromatic textures, metallics, and contrast. Each product needed its own unique pattern, while maintaining consistency. The graphic text "Marilou" on the Amaro Elixer Label was the only vector that they themselves supplied. They also supplied the image of their glass bottle, and silver box.

Ecostatus Sundried Tomatoes

Ecostatus produces sundried tomatoes of the highest quality. Their tomatoes are grown on a sustainable solar-farm in Portugal, plowed traditionally by mule, handpicked, and packed in the world's best olive oil. They have the title to prove it. I put their tomatoes on full display, using a minimalistic design that wouldn't take away, but rather enhance their product. I wrote the copy for their blurb on the back, and they supplied the image of their mule to be incorporated. 

SHRED Original Beef Jerky

SHRED was a product concept that I self-fabricated. I wanted this American-made beef jerky to have a dark and chiseled, upscale appeal—more masculine than feminine. I left a clear window space in my design, enabling the product to showcase it's savory, quality contents to consumers.