I took these beauties 3 years ago on our annual gathering at the Texas Renaissance Festival. It was during my first digital photography class in college, and I was really excited to capture the magical moments I grew up with, and put my photography skills to the test. I can't wait to see the pictures I'll take this year. For those of you who don't know, TRF is the largest festival of its kind in the entire country, and it happens to be LOTS of fun for both adults and children. Every year, we camp out for the whole weekend, waiting to hear the canon blast that sounds the opening of the faire. If you've never been, you absolutely must go at least once in your life. We've been attending TRF every single year, since I was 8 years old—I know! Dressing up in costumes/garb is not mandatory, and neither is camping, so don't be shy! It runs every weekend in October and November. Check it out sometime!

UPDATE: I have some unfortunate news, everyone. The weather at the festival this weekend was insane! We were receiving the tail-end of Hurricane Patricia, so the rain was pretty unforgiving, both day and night. It was the worst we'd ever experienced on a camping trip. I was able to wear my costume for a few hours in the rain before it started to become unbearable. After that, I pulled out my hoodie, poncho, and umbrella to stay relatively warm and dry. Sadly, I was unable to capture any pictures this year. I couldn't risk damaging my Digital SLR camera, so I kept it safe in the truck. Quite a few members from our camp ended up leaving early that evening because the rain had already found its way into their tents. Luckily though, the new tent my brother, Cne' and I were staying in held up the best, in our group. Ironically, we were playfully mocked for how long it took us to set up the new tent. I guess it paid off! However, I do have a spot of good news; It's quite possible that my brother and I will be making another trip out to the festival before the season is over. There were a few friends who couldn't make it out this first time (lucky them), so there may be hope for some good pictures yet! I'll keep you posted.